Armed Forces veteran friendly accredited GP Practice

We are an armed forces veteran friendly accredited practice

See here for more information on the NHS and its commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant

What is a veteran?

A veteran is anyone who has served for at least one day in the Armed Forces, whether as a regular or reservist. It means the same as ‘ex service personnel’ or ‘ex-forces’, although not all veterans know the term or choose to associate with the term ‘veteran’. Younger veterans might refer to themselves as ‘ex-forces’, in the belief that a veteran is someone who fought in the First / Second World War.

Please let us know if you have served

We sometimes forget to ask- please let us know, even if you think it is unrelated to your medical concern.

There are lots of ways we can offer you the support you need- and as part of the armed service covenant this may mean your treatment options can be fast tracked.

You may be worried about sharing information about your time in the Armed Forces. Please note that the NHS is bound by a confidentiality code of practice to ensure GPs, nurses and other people working within the NHS deliver a confidential service bound by law.

Healthcare for the Armed Forces Community

Please see here how the NHS can help if you’re in the British armed forces or are a veteran, a reservist or a family member of someone who is serving or who has served: Healthcare for the Armed Forces Community

Op Courage

Mental health problems are common and can affect anyone, including veterans, serving personnel, reservists and their families. See here to get help and support if you or someone you know has mental health problems.

Op Restore

Op RESTORE can support you:

  • if you have a physical health problem of any type or severity
  • if your physical health problem is a result of your time in service
  • no matter when your physical health problem first appeared
  • no matter when you left the armed forces
  • if you live in England and are registered with a GP practice in England
  • see here for more information on Op Restore

Op Fortitude

Ex-service personnel who are experiencing homelessness, or at risk of homelessness, are eligible for support from Op Fortitude.

Op Sterling

Working to help older LGBT+ veterans, service personnel and their families in a range of areas. See here for more information on the services provided by Op Sterling

Op Nova

Provides support for veterans who are in contact with the justice system, enabling them to access the services they need. See here for specialist support in retraining and reducing barriers to work.


If you would like to provide feedback on how we are performing as a veteran friendly GP practice, please let a member of our staff know or you can send your comments to the Royal College of General Practitioners at
For information on health services for the Armed Forces community, please visit the NHS website at Twitter @NHSArmedForces




Date published: 29th November, 2023
Date last updated: 16th December, 2023